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Temperature and stress fields in electron beam welded Ti-15-3 alloy to 304 stainless steel joint with copper interlayer sheet
ZHANG Bing-gang, WANG Ting, DUAN Xiao-hui, CHEN Guo-qing, FENG Ji-cai
Mechanical properties of hydroxyapatite-zirconia coatings prepared by magnetron sputtering
KONG De-jun, LONG Dan, WU Yong-zhong, ZHOU Chao-zheng
Microstructure evolution and deformation behavior of as-cast NiTi shape memory alloy under compression
JIANG Shu-yong, ZHANG Yan-qiu
Fabrication of wavy γ-TiAl based sheet with foil metallurgy
LIU Jiang-ping, SU Yan-qing, LUO Liang-shun, CHEN Hui, XU Yan-jin, GUO Jing-jie, FU Heng-zhi
Influences of fillet radius and draft angle on local loading process of titanium alloy T-shaped components
ZHANG Da-wei, YANG He, SUN Zhi-chao, FAN Xiao-guang
Preparation and characterization of icariin/PHBV drug delivery coatings on anodic oxidized titanium
DAI Yao, LIU Hai-rong, XIA Lei-lei, ZHOU Zheng
Numerical simulation of titanium alloy machining in electric discharge machining process
XIE Bao-cheng, WANG Yu-kui, WANG Zhen-long, ZHAO Wang-sheng
Grain refinement by means of phase transformation and recrystallization induced by electropulsing
SONG Hui, WANG Zhong-jin
Microstructure evolution of TA15 titanium alloy during hot power spinning
CHEN Yong, XU Wen-chen, SHAN De-bin, GUO Bin
Microstructure evolution of SiCp/Al-Ti foils during hot rolling and reaction annealing
PANG Jin-cheng, FAN Guo-hua, LI Ai-bin, GENG Lin
Reaction mechanism of preparation of titanium by  electro-deoxidation in molten salt
WANG Bin, LIU Kui-ren, CHEN Jian-she
φ−pH diagram of V−Ti−H2O system during pressure acid leaching of converter slag containing vanadium and titanium
MU Wang-zhong, ZHANG Ting-an, DOU Zhi-he, LÜ Guo-zhi, LIU Yan
Dynamic globularization kinetics during hot working of TA15 titanium alloy with colony microstructure
WU Cheng-bao, YANG He, FAN Xiao-guang, SUN Zhi-chao
Behavior of titanium dioxide in alumina carbothermic reduction-chlorination process in vacuum
ZHU Fu-long,YUAN Hai-bin, YU Qing-chun, YANG Bin,
XU Bao-qiang, DAI Yong-nian
Mechanical characterization of cp-Ti produced by investment casting
Khaled M. IBRAHIM, Mansour MHAEDE, Lothar WAGNER
Multilayered Ti-Al intermetallic sheets fabricated by cold rolling and annealing of titanium and aluminum foils
SUN Yan-bo, ZHAO Ye-qing, ZHANG Di, LIU Cui-yun, DIAO Hao-yan, MA Chao-li
A first-principle calculation of structural, mechanical and electronic properties of titanium borides
YAN Hai-yan, WEI Qun, CHANG Shao-mei, GUO Ping
Comparison of evolution laws of stress and strain fields in hot rolling of titanium alloy large rings with different sizes
Finite element analysis of stress at implant−bone interface of dental implants with different structures
CHEN Liang-jian, HE Hao, LI Yi-min, LI Ting, GUO Xiao-ping, WANG Rui-fang
Rapid synthesis of Ti(C, N) powders by mechanical alloying and subsequent arc discharging
YUAN Quan, ZHENG Yong, YU Hai-zhou
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