ISSN: 1003-6326
CN: 43-1239/TG

Vol. 12    No. 2    April 2002

Effects of Mo substituted Nb on magnetic
 properties of Finemet alloy
LIANG Gong-ying(梁工英)1, HUANG Yi-kun(黄一坤)2, G.Friedman2
(1.Department of Materials Physics, Science School,
Xi′an Jiaotong University, Xi′an 710049, China;
2.Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,
University of Illinois, Chicago, IL 60607, USA
Abstract: Different Mo contents have been added into traditional Finemet alloy to form Fe73.5Cu1Nb3-xMoxSi13B9.5(x=0~3) alloys. The change in DC and AC magnetic properties with Mo for Nb substitution was investigated. The results show that, with adding Mo, although the DC relative permeability decreases and the coercive force increases slightly, the saturation flux density BS can be increased, and the core loss of the alloy can be decreased. The AC permeability of samples contained Mo is higher than that of alloy without Mo content. Fe73.5Cu1Nb1Mo2Si13B9.5 alloy has the highest saturation flux density BS. Fe73.5Cu1Nb2Mo1Si13B9.5 alloy has the best frequency dependence on the AC permeability and core loss.
Key words: magnetic materials; nano-crystalline; soft magnetic properties
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